Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wait A Minute!!!

OK, it was apparently Monday and not yesterday, but, there it is now. I really don't get it, it was actually there twice, because I did try to post a second time, but where was it this morning???

Ah, well... Blogger does as it wishes.

Thought For Today:

Is SPAM really made of email, or is it meat?

A Great New Post

I wrote it yesterday, Blogger glitched while uploading, and all but the title was gone. I don't have time to re-write it now, but, maybe later.

Just want you to know I have not abandoned blogging.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Just A Quick Note:

To Congress, Legislatures, County Boards, City Councils and all other, (Tax Funded), Governing Bodies & Individuals,

Please, Stop wasting our money!

I am so sick of hearing that any given city council, or county board, has spent time and money debating and voting on resolutions, in support of this or opposition to that, which are of no use because the this or that they are talking about is not in their jurisdiction.

I am thrilled that City A's council is in support of the troops, (and if the resolution provides anything for constituent veterans, it is not one of the type I am addressing), I am happy to hear that City B's council is against killing the blue tailed gnatcatchers in Eastern Birdistan. I am even overjoyed with the fact that the council of City C believes that professional athletes should take there responsibility as role models, (like it or not, it comes with the job and the huge salary), more seriously.

I am appalled however, that they spend their time, and taxpayer money and resources, (who paid for the paper the meeting minutes are printed on), on these 'issues' where they are guaranteed to have little or no effect.

Are there no potholes in these cities? Is there no crime? Is no one in these towns homeless or hungry? Are all city services fully staffed and funded? Are all public facilities clean, safe and well maintained?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, first please tell me where you are because, I have never seen such a magical place. Second, (with the exception of a small emergency fund), give the taxpayers the rest of their hard earned money back!

I can by no means speak for anyone but myself, I do know that I want my city, county, state and country, to use my money wisely and not take more of it than is needed.

If congress has issues with athletes using steroids, fine, pass a law to make steroids illegal. If they are already illegal, then enforce the laws, or perhaps change the penalty to a level that it will truly make the risk of being caught greater than the possible benefits of using them. Then get on with the business of the nation. I certainly did not want my tax dollars spent on hearings with retired, (or event current), baseball players saying they did or did not use steroids.

I found the entire Terry Schiavo ordeal very tragic, from any point of view, however, it should have been an issue handled within their family. At no point should Congress or The President been using there time, (on my dime), or resources for this very personal matter. All they accomplished was to find a new way to use our money to increase division in our nation over issues they will never resolve.

Rant done, soap box back in cupboard.