Thursday, March 14, 2013

Albert, Pi & I

Happy Birthday Albert Einstein. In light of the next line, I wonder if Albert ever had birthday cake...

Happy Pi Day!!! How are you going to celebrate? How 'bout some pie?

I can't believe that Google has no Pi Day doodle/logo. What is up with that? Where is the love of Pi and all things mathematical or geeky? I mean won't this day suffer in maintaining it's significance if it is not even honored with a Pi Doodle?

Yes, I still live, at least I think this is me. It seems that after 40 it gets harder and harder to tell these things.

For both of you who have checked back faithfully with every new post... Wake up!!! Sure it has been 17 months since my last post, but hey, I could cut that time in half for my next post, and who among the two of you would want to miss that one interesting thought that might slip onto the net out of my head. Yes, I realize the odds, like the digits of Pi, are very long that an interesting thought would survive long enough to make it to the keyboard and beyond... But, it could happen, after all this started as a four word post: "Yes, I still live." and look at all the time you have used reading it now, not to mention the 15 minutes I spent typing it. (I guess I did mention it.)

I figure that since you have shown a continual interest I would give you a link to a site I am slightly, though sporadically, more actively posting on. Here is the link to my Pinterest page: Enjoy my pins.

I am not necessarily done here on blogger, but let's face it, I haven't been doing much here even when I was active.