Wednesday, August 09, 2006

VMK no BS Forum

For those of you who have not yet heard, Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom [VMK] is a free multiplayer online game. It is themed as their parks are, and is an obvious marketing program... But, it rocks!!!

Though it was aimed at the 8-13 age range, there are a large number of ancient Disney fans that play as well. I am one of them. There are several forums and discussion boards that are devoted to VMK, and most Disney forums have a section devoted to it. I have made many great friends in these places, however most of them have become over run with... (Gasp!!!) The originally targeted market for the game.

So I, and several of the other ancient VMK players decided that there was need for a forum where the childish BS would not reign, and about a month ago VMKnoBS was born.

If you have wandered here from one of the other forums, and are at least 18 and not prone to childish BS, come check it out & join if you wish.

Click Here to go:VMKnoBS Forum

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