Thursday, March 02, 2006

Of Penguins & Snakes

I have once again started 'playing' with Linux, and you would expect of me, (If you know me), I have been exploring it to the fullest extent able. I have burned no less than 28 distros to CD/DVD & also tried several of the BSD flavors as well.

So, at the moment my laptop has, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Fedora & the dreaded M$ Windblow$ XP installed. I hope to eventually pick one distro that meets my needs and start moving friends, family and clients to it, without the fear of being unable to support them hanging over me.

Ubuntu is so far the most promising, but the latest version does not play well with the touch pad on my laptop. Of course none of my users, has a laptop so this is of little consequence to them.

I also decided, it was high time to learn to program again, as the dusty old memories of basic on an Apple 2e were of little use in accomplishing anything I want done these days. So after a bit of research, I have discovered the joy that is Python.

What a wonderful language, easy to write, easy to read and yet amazingly powerful. I have learned the basics, the minimal basic mind you, in about a week. That has been enough to truly start a hunger in me to 'learn it all', (yes, I know this is not possible), that I my write or modify programs that others will find as useful as I do. That said, here is a quick and very standard example of Python, the universal first program written by an student in any language:

#hello world
print 'hello world'

The line starting with # is a comment, then next line is the entire program needed to have Python print hello world to the screen. Even my grandma would be able to read that.

Well enough for now. TTFN!!


BellBoy said...

So its been a couple of months, what Distro have you landed on?

You want to see some really cool python power, try out
If you haven't yet. :)

Decoy Flyer said...

Who knew I had to moderate the comments... Oops!

Well, it has been even longer now, and I am still not completely set on which one I like best.

I am runing Ubuntu most often on my laptop and have been playing with Knoppix on my desktops. I also have been messing with putting DSL on a USB Drive.